Hello Toronto, and perhaps the world.

26 01 2010

Greetings dear reader, and welcome to my blog! Up to this moment, we are more than likely strangers so let me take it upon myself to introduce you to my world. 

My name is Renée, and I am a self-professed “metal junkie”. I spend most of my free time with music, be it listening to new bands, keeping up to date on metal news, or attending shows. Hell, I even spend my breaks at work reading Terrorizer. Everyone knows me as the one who reads the “scary” magazine. My love of metal didn’t develop overnight, but is something that has grown and flourished. Like breathing, it has become a constant force in my life.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog then chances are you can relate (unless you thought “Throwing the Horns” was a strange reference to cattle, in which case you are probably a little deranged and maybe a bit disappointed). As Rob Zombie once pointed out, metal is not casual music. It is made up of a community of hardcore fans with a lifelong passion for all things heavy.

So why  blog?

In a way I have started this blog as a means of committing personal memories to (virtual) paper. I will use this site as a place to record details and opinions of the many metal shows I attend. I have opened this blog  to the world in hopes that it will be a one stop shop for other concert goers to read about, and perhaps relive, the shows they have attended. I suppose for me it will be a journal and for the unknown number of you who may find this blog  interesting enough to read, a “review”.  You will come to find that I have a particular penchant for melodic death and folk metal, with a bit of sludge thrown in for good measure. If you find you don’t like the bands I discuss then I suggest you either don’t read this blog, or make your thoughts and opinions respectfully known in the comments section. Seeing as I live in the Greater Toronto Area, most of my reviews will be on shows I have attended in or around Toronto.

In a larger way, I hope this blog encourages fans who don’t attend many shows to come out and show their support. Without it, metal could never survive. If this blog can help me contribute to the community from which I come, then I have more than done the job I have set out to do. 

As I venture into the world of blogging, I will leave you with a quote from pirate thrashers Swashbuckle.  

“Cross your hooks,tighten your peg legs, for where we venture there will be no return.”

See you out there!




6 responses

26 01 2010


31 01 2010

Brutal with a capitol ‘B’ Mark.

30 01 2010


31 01 2010

Haha, thanks for the support Laura! We’re blog buddies now, lol!

3 02 2010

Hey, I came from MetalSucks and read your review. Good stuff. I can’t wait to see this show in Hollywood next week as they end the tour there. I have never seen Arch Enemy live, so I’m really looking forward to that. And I love thrash metal, so I’m anticipating Exodus and Arsis as well. I want to get in early and also see Mutiny Within.

5 02 2010

Thanks for reading! You’ll definately enjoy the show and let me know how Mutiny Within was.

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