Throwing the horns around the world…or at least North America.

1 04 2010

Metal is a global culture and as such it is only natural that metalheads are wanting and willing to travel to any corner of the globe for a good metal show. The excellent documentaries “Metal: A headbanger’s journey” and “Global Metal” are testament to this notion, and massive metalfests such as Wacken attract thousands of tourists each year. While I sadly have yet to reach my dream of touring the European festival circuit, I still plan on doing some metal related travels of my own this year. If you know me personally, you’ve probably already heard me blabber on endlessly about my impeding trip to New York City. You’re probably also about ready to jam a fork into your eyesocket at the mere mention of aforementioned trip.  Well guys, you better go get some cutlery because in 4  days time I will on a plane headed for NYC to witness the greatness that will be Opeth‘s 20th Anniversary tour.

Encompassing only 6 dates in 6 different citites and playing their career defining album Blackwater Park in it’s entirety, not to mention a second set of rare and never-before-played tunes, it goes without saying that this an Opeth fan’s dream. Armed with a boatload of Opeth albums and a strong desire to visit New York City, this was a concert opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. Of course, in true horn throwing fashion, I will be reporting back with all the details following Wednesday night’s sure-to-be-epic performance. 

And while we’re on the subject of travel and reviews, I feel it is necessary to announced that my metal commrades and I (also geekishly refered to as “The Fellowship” by, urm, ourselves) will be taking a trek out to Montreal for the second annual Heavy MTL music fest this July. While we will most likely be attending only the first of two days and I will definately be writing a review, you should probably pick up tickets and check this one out for yourselves. Click the link below for a rundown of the lineup of far (Mastodon! High on Fire! SLLLAAAYYYYYEEEER!) and let me know  if your planning to attend in the comments section. In fact, feel free to share any metal related adventures of your own since I’m always up for living vicariously through others! With enough positive thoughts (and financial support) I might even make it to Europe some day!

For your referencing pleasure:


Heavy MTL




One response

1 04 2010

First of all, I’m too excited for words. Seeing as I am indeed a part of the nerdy ‘Fellowship’, my anticipation is unsurmountable.

Secondly, we’ll make it to Europe. Just you wait and see.

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