Life lessons – an update.

9 08 2010

I have learned that as a twenty-something finding a place in the world I must play many roles, the most signficant of which is that of a juggler. I find myself constantly juggling responsibilities as if they were bean bags – work, relationships, home life and hobbies – adding and rearranging elements one at a time in order to achieve a perfect balance. This blog is just another element to be juggled, a bean bag with an interesting new shape. Like anything new it takes some getting comfortable with before it can be added confidently into a regular routine. Although meaning to update regularly on this site my time has been consumed with handling larger responsibilities, ones which have required more attention to keep them from falling out of my grasp.

I guess this is my way of apologizing. I realize I have some reviews which are long overdue and I’m sorry for not posting in a more timely manner. Regardless, I hope someone out there can find value in old news or a least enjoy reading about my adventures. I will be updating the site with a few new reviews in the coming weeks (I promise), so be sure to keep an eye out. 

The journey towards perfection takes practice. It is often plagued by disappointments, failure and mistakes but it is this process which makes the end results rewarding. Juggling takes practice and my routine might be a bit messy at first, but this time I won’t drop the ball.

Now go listen to some Slayer or something.




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