Titan’s Eve – The Divine Equal

21 04 2011

With the thrash scene currently bursting at the seams with ’80s nostalgia and born-too-late youngsters, there is something refreshingly genuine about Vancouver’s Titan’s Eve.  It’s something in the way they pay homage to their influences without that quasi-annoying wink and nod employed by too many of their contemporaries, but there’s something else there as well. It’s that undefined thing, that attitude that says “We’re not here to fuck around”. And it’s no wonder when you consider the inspiration for their debut full-length The Divine Equal is drawn from such literary sources as The Book of Genesis and John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost”. While it’s true that such intellectual subject matter could undoubtedly result in an album that is heavier in thematics than it is in sound, this is thankfully not the case.

The record opens with the slow building instrumental “Mourning Star” before picking up the pace considerably on the track “Judgement”. Energetic and almost anthemic in nature it is precisely here that the album reveals itself, settling into a satisfying string of up-tempo, hook laden tunes. Whether it’s the huge, sing-along chorus of “Becoming the Demon” or the sudden machine gun riffing on “Serpent Rising”, Titan’s Eve does a great job of creating truly memorable moments through out . Even putting aside the solid instrumental skill and song writing, it is really this formula of hooks and choruses that will help cement The Divine Equal as a constant in your regular rotation of music.

Of course this isn’t to say that the record has no flaws, and there are elements, namely the cymbal work, which could definitely benefit from a crisper sound production-wise. There are also times when it seems like the band are restraining themselves a bit emotionally, never fully unveiling the fury they often hint at.  But of course these are not things detrimental to the enjoyment of the album, and there is more offered up in talent and performance than a majority of bands are even capable of at this level. Having already garnered a number one spot on College Radio charts across Canada and currently preparing a cross country tour this summer, Titan’s Eve are a rising star on the horizon of modern thrash.




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22 04 2011
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